Frequently Asked Questions

Basement floors are cold and damp. The concrete foundation retains the cold and when the warm, moist air from your home meets the cold cement, then a damp, ‘sweaty’ condition is created. Barricade® Subfloor panels help prevent moisture from condensing onto the concrete surface by blocking cold conduction through the concrete floor slab.

The BARRICADE® Air Plus Subfloor panels are 23.25″ x 23.25″ and 0.75" in height. BARRICADE® Insulated  Subfloor panels come in the same format but 1" in height. The size was created to provide a convenient, lightweight solution that is easy to handle and maneuver when loading into basements.

BARRICADE® Subfloor panels are made with an OSB (oriented strand board) top and either a high-density plastic or XPS foam bottom, measuring 23.25" x 23.25". Each panel has a tongue and groove design for easy installation.

The Barricade® Subfloor panels can handle weights up to 6,642 pounds per square foot.

Our panels can handle a slope of up to 2" over 10'. Variances of up to 1/16” is within tolerance for our panels. No shimming would be required as our panels will settle and contour to this after about 10 days. For anything between 1/16” – ¼”, you would use our leveling shims. If there is a dip or bump greater than ¼”, either a self-leveling compound or grinder is recommended to rectify the issue. Please note: Our shims were not designed to level a floor, rather for individual panels that require stabilizing. Shim(s) should slide in freely, without the need to lift the panel, or friction from above. If there is friction, remove a layer (Shims can be stacked to a maximum of 4 shims) or if only one shim is being used, remove it

Color and texture variances are natural and not an indication of quality. Variances can be driven by several factors including; the type of trees, the geographical location of the trees and the growing conditions.

BARRICADE® Subfloors are compatible with all finished floor types including: LVT/LVP, laminate, engineered hardwood, carpet and tile. Refer to our installation guide and follow your flooring manufacturer's installation instructions.

Of course, the BARRICADE® system has been specifically-developed for easy installation. Installation in an average size basement can be completed in as little as an afternoon!