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September 1st – November 30th, 2022


People across Canada use BARRICADE products when updating their basements.

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Save up to 15% off your purchase of BARRICADE products in Gift Cards


Read what our customers are saying:

"...Not one issue and floor ended up perfect. My basement went from a cold, hard floor, to warm and cozy in a day. Highly recommend this product. Great bang for the buck!" - Review

“I’m a contractor and I highly recommend these panels for anyone doing the subfloor in the basement. It’s very easy to work with!” - Review

"...floor is much warmer, will be doing the rest of my home as time goes on." - Review

"This is the best product for a basement renovation. Easy to use and cut. Absolutely raises the floor temperature" - Review

"We did our basement using this product. We originally had carpet there and instead installed this with a vinyl floor. The basement temperature has gone up quite noticeably and it help create a nice even floor. This was an extremely easy product to use and the results were exactly what we wanted." - Review

"My husband and I bought these panels for our basement and have noticed that the entire basement is warmer than what it used to be. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to do the job right" - Review

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